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Thermal image camera system
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Thermal image camera system

Function 1  flame monitoring

The video signal captured by the original flame camera is sent to the control computer through the special video cable. Then form a video to display on the monitor, user will judge the burner condition by the flame. In the meanwhile, all flame images and videos can be saved for further studying.


                Function 2  flame sharp recognizing

The flame shape measurement of burner is mainly to use edge extraction algorithm to separate the flame boundary, calculate the pixel value of the flame in the length direction and width direction, and then calculate the two shape parameters of flame length and flame diameter according to the imaging position, and then analyze the burner's working characteristics


                Function 3  flame temperature field detection

Using wireless scanning infrared image processing technology to detect the furnace of rotating object, according to the online testing surface temperature, users can estimate furnace inside combustion status, material burning condition, heating uniformity condition. This all will improve the quality of the heating material.


                 Function 4 data store and analysis

It is helpful to analyze the coking state and working characteristics of the burner in the process of flame extinction。 The result provides the history curve of flame temperature variation trend, analyzes the relationship between flame temperature rigidity and wind coal ratio, and provides guidance for burner optimization

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