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fac.jpg       Changzhou BAOYI Mech.& Elec.Instrument Co.,Ltd is a leading company which specialized in researching, designing, producing, selling, maintaining and integrating the monitoring and measuring system since 2002. With mature technology in the electro-optic field and introduced foreign advanced technology, BAOYI grew rapidly in high temperature monitoring area. 

     We have succeeded in high temperature camera CCTV system, infrared scanning system, mill sound measuring system, high temperature video/image analysis system and other nondestructive inspection system. And now BAOYI has becomes the expert of furnace monitoring, which integrates full range of products.

      We’re committed to providing all customers high quality products and excellent service. In the process of development, we kept constantly communication with various domestic and international competitors and scientific research institutions. Designing, maintaining and debugging abilities also the firm size are all improved. In 2010, BAOYI attended the “Equipment Exhibition”in Germany, as the very first company in high temperature furnace monitoring field. We also worked with some international brands such as IRCON from the USA, RAYTEK from the USA, HONEYWELL from the USA, ITV and IST from the UK.

     BAOYI staff insist “enterprising, realistic, rigorous and united”, will keep on innovation work, with advanced technology, great quality and attentive service, we already fulfilled thousands of high temperature monitoring projects at home and abroad. Our products are widely in cement industry, steel industry, power industry, glass industry, petrifaction industry, etc。

High temperature furnace CCTV camera system:

Endoscope camera

Straight viewing camera

Elbow viewing camera

infrared camera

Integrated camera

2-cylinder camera

Sealed camera

Ex-proof camera

Lighting camera

Pyrometer camera

Infrared temperature measuring system

Kiln shell infrared scanning system

Furnace thermal imaging system

Blast furnace infrared camera system

Visual infrared pyrometer

2-function video scanning system

2-Color pyrometer

2D fire scanning system

Tricolor camera pyrometer

Video measurement and control system

Video tin-bath flow and board width control system

Video glass level measure system

Electric ear mill sound measuring system:

Audio frequency & decibel displaying type

CCTV Spareparts

Video camera

Pinhole lens

Vortex cooling tube

Camera housing

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